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Handy Repair Services At Your Request

Don't let the wear and tear of everyday use leave your home or office in disrepair. At After Hours, we keep your property in tip-top shape, providing you with a variety of handyman services that repair, install, and improve your space. Alongside our handyman options, we also do installation and repairs of various materials, such as marble, stone, and VCT tile. If it breaks or wears down, then we are the team that can fix it back up for you.

Your Personal Handyman

Whenever you have something wear down or break on you, then look no further for a team that can get it done right. We handle most repairs you will need for a commercial or residential location, such as minor plumbing, electrical repair, and installations. Other services we provide include the following:

• Painting
• Texturing
• Stucco Repairs
• Drywall Patching
• Lighting Installations
• Ceiling Fan Installations

Our services are charged at an hourly labor rate and billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour. Service fees run for $70.00, while our service calls cost $55.00. Any repair under an hour has no labor rate, and will only run the cost of the service call fee and any materials used. Quality is always our number one goal for our clients. 

Working With Stone

Improve your property aesthetics with our installation, restoration, and repair stoneworking services. We offer many services for materials such as marble, stone, and VCT tile that improve functionality as well as making it more pleasant for the eyes. Alongside installations, our work with marble, ceramic, and VCT are long-term processes designed to last you seven or more years. Many of the other services we provide include:

• Repairs
• Polishing
• Waxing
• Sealing (Including Cement)
• Installations
• High-Speed Buffing
Floor Tile Polishing