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Qualified for Cleaning Contaminated Areas

While we are always a reliable choice for those in need of a janitor or a handyman, our skills are not limited to just those areas. One of the skillsets that sets After Hours apart from the crowd is our experience and training that allows us to work with forensic crime scenes and mold remediation. For trauma clean up and so much more, know that our team is always at the ready for you.

Forensic Crime Scene Cleanup

Our team is certified to work within the confines of a forensic crime scene to offer trauma clean up and restoration. This certification allows us to hygienically clean or completely remove a contaminated area so the atmosphere will be safe again for contractors to work and occupants to inhabit the space once more. Our team is skilled in the clean-up process, returning the area to the way it was before the time of the incident.

Mold Cleanup

Should an area suffer from poor air or surface quality thanks to the presence of mold, leave it to us. We consult, test the afflicted areas, and then find the source that is causing you problems directly. Once the cause has been identified, our team is trained to repair the source location correctly and completely remove the mold. Our team puts an emphasis on preventing mold spores from going airborne during cleanup so you won't have to deal with hazardous health issues or the possibility of it relocating elsewhere.

Man Wearing a Hazard Suit